Parents, go and enjoy a well-deserved evening out on the town for a date night! Our Camp Counselors will ensure your kids have a fun night themselves with sports, games, arts and crafts, swimming, and more!

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This uplifting four-class program, crafted by The School for Mindful Arts, is designed to promote girls' total physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness. Each session promises an array of invigorating activities, including meditation, mindful movement, creative art projects, and the joy of journaling. Each session is set in a warm and supportive environment and encourages open discussions about healthy eating, positive self-esteem, stress management, and productive communication strategies. Contemplative art projects will include scented eye pillows, lotus candle holders, glitter jars, and tote bags.

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In this 5-week class, students will be sorted into houses and given the opportunity to personalize their own wands! Wizards will then attend classes such as Potions, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Intro to Quidditch, and more. Just like the books and movies, excelling in academics and good behavior will enable kids to earn points for their house and the winning team will hoist the House Cup! Don’t forget to dress up like your favorite character or wear your house colors!

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Through storytelling, arts, and engaging mental exercises, this program is designed to bring kids mindfulness and multiculturalism, helping them develop core values like compassion, honesty, and peacemaking.

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Step into the world of dance with our engaging 6-week program tailored specifically for young dancers ages 3-5! Join us for an enchanting journey filled with the grace and beauty of ballet combined with the boundless creativity of movement exploration.

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Join camp counselors and bring back the fun of summer with School’s Out Camp! We will be hosting a few days through the year when schools are off to give your children a day to have some fun with old friends and make new ones. Kids will have a blast with so many activities including sports, swimming, arts and crafts, team games, singing, and dancing.

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Youth Fit & Fun

Get ready to ignite your passion for sports and fitness with our exhilarating four-week program! Join us for an action-packed adventure that includes soccer, basketball, pickleball, tag games, dodgeball, team-building drills, and more!

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Join us for an exciting adventure as we dive into the world of fun sports, games, and activities. Kids will have a blast learning new skills in cooperative play, running, jumping, throwing, and hand-eye coordination! Let's play and grow together!

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Let your little ones discover the joy of movement in this lively 45-minute class every Wednesday from 5:15 PM to 6:00 PM! at Balance Studio. These engaging sessions will spark creativity, improve coordination, and leave your child smiling from ear to ear.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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